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Hilary Jane Hargreaves

has been studying complementary therapies and esoteric topics since 1993, and is a clairaudient and channel who has worked with crystals and Energy in many lifetimes. A Graduate and Fellow of the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists and a Reiki Master Teacher (amongst other things) she has been writing and leading workshops and courses based around working with crystals and Archetypal Energies for personal spiritual growth, self-healing and self-transformation since 2002. Between 2007 and 2009 she and her twin-flame and husband, Mark, channelled and developed a massive 22-module course on Ascension, in order to help people connect with their True (Divine) Self - and thus truly awaken to embody Love; and in 2009 they jointly founded 'Angelic Multidimensional Healing' - an advanced healing system that channels and grounds Angelic and Cosmic energies through its Practitioners and Teachers. Both of these experiences were fundamental in laying the groundwork for the writing of her book - Walking With Archangels.
Hilary is of Metatronic Angelic lineage - serving with Archaeon Michael's Legions of Light and with Gabriel's Awakeners. Tasked with Anchoring the Divine Light within the Earth, she is currently working on a series of books to help people connect with the Archangels, Archeia and other Illumined Ones in order to accomplish their Self-mastery. She is Guided and supported in this work by a Collective of Higher life-streams that encompasses the I AM presence of all self-realised Cosmic and Ascended Masters, Angelics and Elohim.